Terms & Conditions

Classes Terms

All classes must be booked through the website. NO bookings or cancellations will be taken at the club, via email, phone call or social media messages. 

Any customer can sign up for our classes at the front desk 15 mins before the class starts. Availability can not be guaranteed.

If you are on time, you are late 🙂 Please arrive at least 5 minutes before the class starts. If you arrive late for a class you risk your space being given to one of our keen members.

Once the class has started you may be refused entry due to health and safety. 

Class bookings can be cancelled online, up to 4 hours prior the class starts. If an emergency occurs and you will not be able to attend please contact us on 200 77456 so we can guarantee the slot for another customer.

Failure to cancel with more than 4h notice or show up in a booked class 2 times in 30 days will lead to your online booking assistant being blocked with immediate effect for the following 30 days. Members would still be able to sign up for the classes by turning up at the facilities 15 min prior to the class start. 

Members with outstanding payments may not have access to the online bookings.

Single class passes are available for £8/class for non members and frozen memberships. Non members can have an online account to book online. Please refer to our front desk to get your account number. 

Members T&C’s

Membership Terms and Conditions:

You decide on the length of stay. You can cancel your membership anytime, with just one full calendar months’ notice. Full payment is required. 

1.       All membership must be paid for by direct debit, annual payment or cash (£5 fee will incur with cash payments). *student & under 16 members must pay direct debit or annual only.

2.       Student memberships are available for persons aged 14 – 24 years; ID & student proof will be required. *Members aged 18 years and under must have a parent or legal guardian present on joining.

3.       All ID & student proof must be submitted to us within one month of your sign-up date, failure to do so will result in your membership automatically upgrading to the ‘standard’ package.

4.       Junior membership packages will automatically upgrade to our ‘standard’ membership the month of your 18th Birthday unless further student ID is provided.

5.       To cancel, freeze or make changes to your membership you must complete a form and sign at reception; 1 calendar months’ notice is always applicable. If for any reason you cannot visit the club then please contact Head Office. Changing or cancelling your Direct Debit will not change the status of your membership.

6.       You may freeze your membership at the price of £10 per month for all standard payers. Freezing is for a minimum of one month & a maximum of six months. *Junior & student memberships will incur no fee to freeze membership.

7.       Your Membership card is only to be used for your personal use. Replacement membership cards will be issued at reception at the cost of £5.00 per card.

8.       Your Reshape & Rumble membership only allows access to the Reshape & Rumble facilities. Atlantic Gym & outlets are not included.

9.       Reshape & Rumble reserves the right to refuse entry, terminate or withdraw a member’s contract at any time.

Personal Training

This policy concerns the relationship between you the client, and the Personal Trainer employed directly by the club. Freelance Personal Trainers are responsible for managing directly with their client regarding session scheduling, payments and cancellations.


Packages must be paid in full prior to scheduling the sessions.

All 1h sessions must be used within the allocated time as displayed on the PT voucher/package starting from the date of purchase.

All 30 minutes sessions must be used within 6 months.

Any sessions outstanding after this period will be lost.

Extension of the expiry date under extenuating circumstances may be applied for and will be at the discretion of the management.

2.Cancellations and Rescheduling:

In the event that you need to reschedule or cancel a session you will endeavor to give the Trainer/Club a minimum of 24 hours notice.  

 The club operates a discretionary cancellation policy under the guidance of your trainer and/or the club management. Therefore, please note that if we do not receive a cancellation or rescheduling notice within 24 hours that session may be deducted from your package of purchased sessions.  

To cancel or reschedule an appointment, please call your trainer direct or contact the club on (00350) 200 44242.

Should a situation arise when we have to cancel or reschedule a session with you, we will do our best to provide you with 24 hours notice. If we cannot provide a 24 hour notice period, we will endeavor to give as much notice as possible or, where possible, offer you a PT session with another trainer.

3.No-Show Policy:

Should you fail to show up for a scheduled session without either cancelling or rescheduling, that session will be deducted from your package of purchased sessions.


Sorry, there are no refunds for Personal Training purchases.

Should a Club Personal Trainer discontinue their contract with us, your remaining sessions will be transferred to another Club Personal Trainer.

Should a Freelance Personal trainer discontinue their contract with us, the trainer can choose to either transfer the remaining paid sessions to another Personal Trainer or refund you the total value of the remaining sessions.

 5.Triple Pack:

All Triple Packs (3 x ½ hour introductory sessions) should be completed within 2 months.