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Reputation. Charisma. Drive. Gibraltar's elite.                                                                                                                                                         They take no prisoners, they're the people you love to hate. The R&R dream team.




We burn hard and HIIT hard, incorporating explosive speed, footwork, strength but most of all willpower. It’s the survival of the fittest, an immersive space filled with 45 minutes of sound and energy. Punch and move your way to become the complete boxer by learning all the fundamentals such as your stance, jab, cross & punching combos. It’s between you and your bag. A cardio boxing battle that’s no holds barred.



45 minutes of physical and mental intensity. Exertion that you never thought possible. This highly intensive group experience is designed to condition and resculpt selected muscle groups. The latest StarTrac treadmills and selection of free-weights will help mould your body and break your barriers.




Drop beats not bombs. Every music playlist we drop in our studios are specially curated by the best in the business. Follow our Spotify page to be the first in line for the freshest workout beats in Europe.