Covid-19 Updates

RESHAPE & RUMBLE: Studios Operating Processes & Procedures

Social Distancing

Staff members have been notified not to shake hands, kiss, hug or have any physical contact with members or their colleagues. A PVC screen is in place on reception separating members and reception. 


Reshape & Rumble has 3 studios for classes and only has clients during the times classes are on. In addition, Personal Training sessions can take place in a 4th dedicated studio. Our cleaners and team members will clean each studio wiping down each piece of equipment after every use. Reshape and Rumble is open 7am – 2pm and 4pm – 9pm.  Our changing rooms have a cleaning structure and rules which means the showers are cleaned regularly throughout the day.

Personal Trainers

When Personal Training is carried out indoors, the personal trainer will adhere to the following rules:

·       Remain a minimum 1 meter apart

·       Train in an empty studio where possible

·        Offer consultation appointments over Zoom online conference 

Our class instructors will monitor social distancing in the classes, numbers have been reduced to a maximum of 25 in the Reshape Studio.


Team members will have a dedicated sanitising station. The station will include: 75% alcohol hand gel, disposable disinfectant wipes, sanitizing spray and single use roll, gloves & disposable masks for use during their shift.  

On arrival staff members must wash their hands following the WHO guidelines and sanitize with the sanitizer provided. Staff should sanitize hands throughout their shift, and it will be encouraged after touching doors or other shared items. 

With every shift rotation, staff will clean their station on departure and arrival. Staff members will be required to wipe all office equipment between use. The phone should be wiped down after every use. 

Our main entrance doors will be kept open during our opening times. The studio doors will remain open when no class is taking place. 

Personal Training is minimal in Reshape & Rumble however, Personal Trainers are to wash and sanitize hands on arrival and use the sanitizer stations in the gym provided as they move around the club with their client. The personal trainers are required to clean and wipe down the equipment with sanitizing wipes or sprays during before and after use by their client.    

All our staff have been educated to sneeze and cough into the crook of the arm or handkerchief which will be disposed of, staff are required to sanitize their hands after coughing or sneezing. 

 Members will scan their bar code at reception to register/ log their attendance. Classes are all pre-booked online, so we have full details of all those that attend.  

There will be a hand sanitizer station at the entrance and all members are to sanitize their hands-on arrival following WHO guidelines (these will be displayed at the station). 

Wipes and sanitizing stations will be provided at each section of the facility including communal areas for members to use. 

Members are encouraged to wipe down locker keypads prior to use and any shared items, and then sanitize their hands. These will also be monitored and cleaned by our full-time cleaning staff on a cleaning rotation.   

We have acquired sports training masks specifically designed for high intensity training; these are available for our members to purchase.


Reshape & Rumble has an Airflow system, this is very advanced technology and is the same system as used in the St Bernards Hospital provided and maintained by Europort. The air intake is on the top of the building which is approx. 100 meters above street level, the air is brought in, filtered, cooled, and then released out via external outlets on the building.

Specific cleaning will take place during all operational hours, sanitizing products and mild bleach or detergent will be used in all areas by our full-time cleaning staff and reception staff.  The changing rooms will have a checklist visible on the door for members to see the frequency of cleaning for that area. The specific cleaning will include extra attention to: 

·       Door handles

·       Stair handrail

·        Locker Keypads

·       Gym equipment 

·       Counters

·        Counter tops

·        Changing rooms

·        Showers 

·       Toilets

·       Staff communal areas

·       Shared reception

·       IT equipment and phones 

Should the members wish to clean the equipment before use, disposable wipes, sanitizing sprays and gloves will be provided in stations around the facility with guidelines. We will also professionally clean all equipment after every class.

We have removed the reusable towels in our clubs, members are to bring their own towel for their workout/shower. Should a member require a towel we have disposable workout towels available for members to purchase at reception. 

The square meterage of Reshape & Rumble is 400 meters and will be limited to a capacity of 52 in all areas. This is a pre-booked system and will be controlled by class bookings with class capacity capped at no greater than 25.

Members will be required to respect social distancing rules at reception and studio entrance in the unlikely event of queues. Due to the nature of our business we do not see queues forming. 

Clients can only book classes online. 

Our payments will be cashless/online.

Membership forms, PARQ and other related forms will all be digitalised. No paper forms will be used for members going forward.  


All our staff will be updated on all relevant local and WHO guidelines for COVID-19 and industry specifics. 


If a staff member reports that they or another family member has COVID-19 symptoms they will be removed from the rota, replaced with another staff member, and advised to self-isolate at home for 14 days. 

Health & Wellbeing 

As a company we will support all our staff with nutrition and fitness advice, all are encouraged to use the gym free of charge. We will monitor staff and endeavor to support health improvement and well-being.

Due to the nature of our Group business we have only 5 of 80 staff members In the Group who smoke, none of whom work at Reshape & Rumble. 

We will continue to have regular meetings with all staff and will monitor mental health and well-being as we have always done in the business. Full support is always offered to any staff who feel they may need more support when it comes to mental health. Our staff are encouraged to exercise and have free access to our gyms during the quieter times.

Attendance Registers

All members will be logged on arrival by scanning their bar code. Data protection act will always be adhered to.

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